Fifth Grade

We believe students learn best in a supportive, encouraging environment that places a high value on learning. Fifth grade is the bridge between elementary school and middle school. It is our hope to provide your child with the necessary tools to make the transition a smooth one. Since we want our students to become lifelong learners, we teach to the state standards but enrich our classes with study trips and guest speakers. Fifth grade students are given the opportunity to participate in many school sponsored activities such as basketball, drill team, Fire Warden, Safety Patrol, and Student Council. These extracurricular activities promote the development of cooperative responsibility and enrich students’ lives while helping the school. 

The GRADING SCALE we use is as follows for homework and tests:

A – 100%-90%

B – 89%-80%

C – 79%-70

D – 69%-60%

F – 59% or less


NEWSLETTERS - These are sent home regularly.

ASSIGNMENT BOOKS - Your child is responsible for filling out his/her assignment book each day. He/she is responsible for getting a parent/guardian signature daily. Should you have any comments or questions feel free to include those in the notebook. We check the notebooks and will answer your questions.

ABSENT/TARDY – If your child is absent or tardy, it is his/her responsibility to find out what he/she missed. We will try to help, but your child should accept this responsibility and ask. He/she is to make up the missing assignments.

REMEMBER – As your child gets older and more independent, it is still vital for parents to continue being actively involved in all areas of his/her life both in school and out. If you should need anything, please feel free to contact us at Fairlawn (476-4997).