Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!

The first six weeks are jam-packed with reviewing and preparing for ISTEP. A Jump Start class will be available after school for extra help.

Here is a brief description of what is stressed in the curriculum areas during third grade:

Reading – We want students to develop a life long love of reading. Teachers use the basil and other subject textbooks, novels, chapter books, poetry, student’s self-selected books, and read aloud to cultivate each student’s growth. The major areas of instruction are word attack (phonics), vocabulary building, fluency, and comprehension. 

English – Students will work on building better communication skills by making written and oral presentations. Students use the writing process from brainstorming to graphic organizers to rough draft to editing and rewrites to complete a final publishable work.

Math – The student’s basic knowledge of addition, subtraction, fractions, measurement, time, money, graphing, and geometry is expanded. Multiplication and division are introduced. An emphasis is made on problem solving, especially those that involve real world situations.

Spelling – Students learn how to use chunks, word parts, prefixes, suffixes, patterns, and similar sounding words to become proficient spellers.

Social Studies – Students study the importance of communities, the responsibilities of citizenship, and learn the history of Evansville.

Science – Students use the scientific method of inquiry, observation, experimentation, and data collection to find out about the world around them.

Health – Students learn about making wise choices to have a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Some activities that are available for third graders include: Art Club, Training Choir, Young Authors, PTA Basketball, Field Day, and Officer Friendly visits. Field trips for the year will probably include a visit to the public library, Earth Day at Berry Plastics, and listening to the Philharmonic Orchestra.