First Grade

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Reading Expectations

  • Reads aloud smoothly and easily in familiar text
  • Reads high-frequency words (spelling words)
  • Reads at a level 4
  • Uses picture clues
  • Uses beginning and ending sounds

Reading Expectations


  • Makes Predictions
  • Uses word patterns (word families)
  • Uses short vowels
  • Uses blends
  • Reading at a level 9


Reading Expectations
  • Reads compound words (example - backyard)
  • Uses long vowels
  • Retells a story in sequence
  • Identifies setting and characters
  • Makes connections between books, self, and the world
  • Uses context clues
  • Reads at a Level 12
Reading Expectations
  • Reads at level 16
  • Reads contractions
  • Identifies plot and main idea 
  • Asks questions to understand 
  • Uses diagraphs (th, wh, ch, sh)

Writing and Spelling Expectations

  • Writes at a level 6
  • Forms letters legibly
  • Spells high-frequency words
  • Writes simple complete sentences

Writing and Spelling Expectations

  • Writes Descriptions
  • Uses Capitalization
  • Writing at a Level  7 
Writing and Spelling Expectations
  • Writes stories
  • Plans writing
  • Uses punctuation
  • Writes at a level 8
Writing and Spelling Expectations
  • Writes at a level 9
  • Writes simple rhymes
  • Revises writing

Math Expectations

  • Uses Objects to Add and Subtract
  • Knows the symbols +, -, =
  • Uses Position and Direction words
  • Sorts and classifies objects
  • Understands and uses graphs
Math Expectations
  • Counts, reads, and writes numbers to 100
  • Identifies tens and ones in numbers to 100
  • Uses Fact Families
  • Writes and solves number sentences for story problems
  • Knows addition and subtraction facts to 20
  • Uses problem solving
Math Expectations
  • Identifies and knows the values of pennies, nickels, and dimes
  • Tells time to the half -hour
  • Uses different units to measure the same object
  • Creates word problems to match number stories
Math Expectations
  • Estimates and measures to the nearest inch and centimeter
  • Identifies 2 and 3 dimensional objects
  • Writes fractions
  • Creates and extends number patterns
  • Explains and justifies problem solving procedures

Social Skills

  • Works independently
  • Follows classroom rules and procedures
  • Uses self control
  • Listens Attentively
  • Talks at appropriate times
  • Attends to a task over a period of time
  • Completes homework
  • Prepared and Organized
  • Participates in classroom activities
  • Works and plays cooperatively
  • Uses appropriate behavior outside classroom